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Mycology in Fuenteplateada

Mycology or mycology is the branch of biology dedicated to the study of fungi.

Fuenteplateada is surrounded by nature. Learn about the different types of fungi and mushrooms in the region with guided tours with experts from the region. Afterwards, enjoy the flavour of the mushrooms you have picked thanks to Fuenteplateada’s cuisine. 

In the province of Segovia, the most common varieties are chanterelles, boletus edulis, oyster mushrooms, amanitas cesarías and others.

micologia niscalos fuenteplateada

The region of Castilla y León is one of the most important territories in the world in terms of mycological resources, as its forest area has a great aptitude for the production of edible wild mushrooms, among which are the most appreciated species in the world market.

Thanks to our experts you can learn all about mycology.